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When a loved one is placed in the care of a nursing home, their family will expect them to be safe and well cared for. Unfortunately, there are times when nursing homes fail to provide adequate care. There are multiple forms of nursing home negligence that can lead to serious injuries or even wrongful death. Families who have been affected by nursing home abuse or neglect will need to determine how to respond to these issues. Fortunately, there are resources available to ensure that an elderly loved one can receive the proper care and that a negligent nursing home will be held responsible for allowing injuries to occur.

At Nursing Home Injury Center, we work to ensure that families can take steps to address injuries that have occurred because of nursing home negligence. We can investigate the circumstances surrounding an injury to determine whether abuse or neglect occurred, and we can advise families on the actions they can take to address these issues and prevent potential injuries in the future.

Injuries That May Affect Nursing Home Residents in Vermilion County

Neglect and abuse at nursing homes can take multiple forms. Staff members may not have the training needed to ensure that they can provide the proper care for patients, and this can result in a lack of medical care, medication errors, or other issues that can affect the health and safety of residents. Understaffing can also be a serious issue, and when a small number of staff members are required to care for a large number of residents, they will be more likely to make errors or fail to recognize and address patients’ needs. In other cases, staff members or others may purposely cause harm to patients, including physical or sexual abuse.

Negligence on the part of a nursing home can lead to multiple types of injuries, including:

  • Malnutrition and dehydration – In cases of neglect, nursing homes may fail to provide residents with enough food or liquids, leading to severe malnutrition and dehydration. These issues can result in weight loss, weakened immune systems, dizziness, confusion, and other serious health concerns.
  • Renal failure – Health conditions that affect nursing home residents may result in damage to the kidneys or even kidney failure. If staff members do not recognize the symptoms of renal failure or do not provide the proper treatment, patients may experience life-threatening medical issues.
  • Bedsores – A nursing home’s staff must provide the proper care to immobile residents, including repositioning them regularly to prevent sores from developing on the parts of the body that are in constant contact with a bed or chair. Bedsores can cause a great deal of pain, damage to different parts of the body, infections, and other dangerous health issues if they are not addressed correctly.
  • Infections/sepsis – Nursing home residents may be more susceptible to infections due to weakened immune systems or pre-existing health conditions. If a nursing home does not take the proper steps to prevent the spread of germs, patients may contract communicable diseases. In some cases, infections may lead to sepsis, which can prove fatal.
  • Falls – Staff members must provide assistance when needed to ensure that residents can move throughout a nursing home safely, get into or out of bed, and bathe or groom themselves when needed. In situations involving neglect, a patient may attempt to move around independently, and they may experience a dangerous fall. These types of injuries can also occur due to hazardous conditions in a nursing home, such as slippery floors, torn carpets, or obstacles in hallways. When falls occur, patients may suffer from bone fractures, head injuries, back injuries, lacerations, and other types of injuries.

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