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When a loved one is injured due to neglect or abuse in a nursing home, this can be devastating for a family. Unfortunately, nursing home negligence is an all-too-common issue in Bureau County, Illinois. If someone you love has been injured while living in a nursing home, you will want to determine whether negligence was a factor and how you can make sure they will receive the ongoing care they need. By understanding your rights and the legal options available, you can seek justice and prevent further injuries from occurring.

At Nursing Home Injury Center, we understand how devastating and overwhelming it can be when a loved one is injured due to nursing home negligence. We are dedicated to helping families respond to abuse or neglect suffered by nursing home residents. We can help you understand the resources that can provide benefits for your family. We will work with you to ensure that those who were responsible for your loved one’s injuries are held accountable, while also making sure measures are taken to ensure that a nursing home provides a safe and healthy environment for residents.

Nursing Home Injuries Affecting Patients in Bureau County

Nursing home negligence can take many forms, ranging from neglect of patients to the purposeful infliction of injuries or other forms of harm through abuse. In many cases, serious injuries occur because a nursing home fails to provide the necessary care or supervision for its residents. Common types of negligence that can lead to nursing home injuries include inadequate staffing, failure to follow safety protocols, failure to provide necessary medical care, improper medication administration, lack of supervision, inadequate training, lack of communication between staff members, and failure to respond to complaints by patients or their family members.

Abuse, neglect, or other forms of negligence can lead to multiple types of serious injuries or health concerns, including:

  • Pressure sores – These injuries are commonly known as bedsores, and they may occur when patients with mobility issues are left in one position for extended periods of time. If staff members do not move or reposition a person regularly, sores can develop on the parts of the body that are in constant contact with a bed or chair, and they can lead to infections or other complications.
  • Malnutrition and dehydration – Nursing home residents may depend on staff members to provide them with food and fluids. If staff members fail to ensure that residents eat at meal times or drink enough water, a person can suffer serious health issues.
  • Falls, fractures, and head injuries – Factors such as inadequate mobility equipment or failure to monitor the movements of residents and provide assistance when needed can increase the risk of fall accidents. Falls can result in injuries that may drastically impact a person’s overall health.
  • Choking – Inadequate supervision, issues related to medications, or failure to provide the correct diet options can put residents at risk of choking on food or drinks. This may lead to asphyxiation, which could result in serious injuries or wrongful death.
  • Burns – Unsafe or defective medical equipment, defective heating systems, poorly maintained bathrooms, hot surfaces such as stoves, or overheated foods and liquids can all lead to burn injuries. These injuries can cause significant pain, and they may lead to infections and other serious health issues.

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In situations involving nursing home injuries that were caused by negligence, families will want to make sure the harm suffered by their loved ones will be addressed correctly. At Nursing Home Injury Center, we are here to help you understand the appropriate actions that you can take against those who were responsible for the injuries your loved one has suffered due to nursing home neglect or abuse. We will provide you with knowledgeable guidance and compassionate support during this difficult time, helping you provide your loved one with the care they need. To discuss these issues in a free consultation, contact us today at 309-524-6900.

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