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Understanding Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Families who have been affected by nursing home abuse or neglect know all too well the devastating effects these issues can have on an elderly loved one who is vulnerable to harm. Nursing homes are supposed to be a place of safety and security for their residents, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Whether it involves physical abuse, lack of medical care, or neglect leading to dangerous health issues, nursing home negligence can cause serious harm, and in some cases, it may even lead to wrongful death.

If someone you love has suffered an injury as a nursing home resident, you will need to understand your options for uncovering and addressing negligence that put them at risk of harm. The team at Nursing Home Injury Center can advise you of your options, and we can work with you to take action against those who were responsible for your loved one’s injury, helping you seek justice for the harm done to your family. We work to ensure that families in Kankakee County who have been affected by nursing home neglect or abuse understand the resources available to them and the steps they can take to make sure their loved ones receive the proper care.

Common Nursing Home Injuries in Kankakee County

When elderly individuals are placed in nursing homes, they are often in a vulnerable position, and they will rely on staff members to provide them with medical care and assistance with their daily needs. When the proper care is not provided, or when harm is intentionally inflicted on patients, serious injuries can occur. These injuries may include:

  • Falls – Nursing home fall injuries can be caused by a variety of factors, such as inadequate staffing levels, improper patient supervision, wet or slippery floors, medication errors, insufficient mobility aids, or failure to provide patients with assistance when needed. Many elderly nursing home residents have medical conditions or other issues that affect their mobility, and they may be more likely to lose their footing when walking or fall when getting into or out of bed. Falls can lead to multiple types of serious injuries for nursing home patients, including traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and lacerations or bruises.
  • Choking – If patients are not properly monitored while eating or drinking, if they are given food that is difficult to chew or swallow, or if they have underlying medical conditions that may cause them to be more susceptible to choking incidents, they may experience airway blockages that could lead to asphyxiation. Medications that cause dry mouth, throat irritation, or dizziness can also increase the risk of choking for nursing home residents. These situations can cause patients to suffer serious harm, or their lives may be put at risk.
  • Bedsores – Nursing home neglect, such as when staff members fail to reposition patients who are bedridden or wheelchair-bound, can lead to the development of painful sores. Bedsores, which are also known as pressure ulcers, can cause damage to the skin and underlying tissues, as well as infections and other health issues.
  • Infections and sepsis – Nursing home residents may be at risk of contracting dangerous infections due to their weakened immune systems, and if the proper treatment is not provided, they may experience serious health issues. If staff members fail to recognize the symptoms of an infection or delay in providing treatment, sepsis may occur, and it can lead to issues such as organ failure or strokes. In some cases, infections can occur because of unsanitary conditions in a nursing home or other hygiene issues.
  • Burns – Unsafe practices in nursing homes can lead to burn injuries. For example, if elderly patients are not provided with the proper assistance when bathing, they may be at risk of being burned by scalding water. Burns caused by hot liquids, steam, or contact with heated surfaces can cause significant physical pain and emotional trauma for nursing home residents, as well as other issues that may affect their overall health.
  • Seizures – Nursing home residents may experience seizures due to underlying medical conditions or medications they are taking. If staff members fail to recognize the signs of an impending seizure, or if they do not respond correctly when seizures take place, serious injuries can occur. Seizures may cause patients to suffer fall injuries, or they may choke on foods or liquids. These incidents could lead to traumatic brain injuries, damage to bodily systems, or other types of harm.

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