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Protecting Elderly and Vulnerable Nursing Home Residents from Neglect

When nursing home neglect leads to improper hygiene, the results can be devastating for residents. Poor hygiene and failure to follow the proper sanitary protocols can cause serious health problems and other issues that can affect a patient’s overall well-being. In extreme cases of nursing home negligence, elderly patients may suffer from severe physical harm or even wrongful death as the result of inadequate care. Families who have been affected by nursing home negligence deserve justice for their loved ones’ suffering, and they will need to understand the best ways to respond in these situations.

The team at Nursing Home Injury Center works hard to address issues related to nursing home abuse and neglect, and we can help families understand how to proceed as they address the harm suffered by their loved ones. In situations where nursing home residents have been injured or experienced health issues due to poor hygiene or other sanitary concerns, we can determine the reasons why a nursing home failed to provide the proper care. We will do everything we can to make sure negligence will be addressed correctly, including putting measures in place to prevent these types of issues and ensure that patients will be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Injuries Caused by Poor Nursing Home Hygiene

It is essential for nursing homes to maintain a high level of hygiene in order to keep their residents safe and healthy. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect can lead to improper hygiene practices, which can have serious consequences for elderly patients. Poor sanitation protocols or inadequate cleaning procedures can result in the spread of bacteria, viruses, or other toxins, which can lead to dangerous infections. These issues can occur if a nursing home does not have sanitation policies in place to ensure that floors and surfaces are cleaned correctly and regularly. Contamination may also occur if staff members fail to wash their hands or sanitize instruments correctly.

Personal hygiene can also be a factor that may cause nursing home residents to suffer injuries. Some issues that may occur due to understaffing or improper training of nursing home staff include:

  • Inadequate bathing or grooming – Staff members should attend to the needs of residents to ensure that they can bathe regularly. Failure to do so could lead to the spread of germs, and failure to ensure that patients maintain proper dental care can lead to infections or other serious issues. Assistance with grooming, including shaving or brushing hair, may also be necessary, and failure to do so could result in infestations of lice or other concerns.
  • Lack of assistance with going to the bathroom – Patients may need help getting into or out of bed to ensure that they can use the bathroom when needed. If patients have mobility issues that confine them to a bed or chair, they may need assistance with diapers or bedpans. If staff members fail to address these needs, patients may experience rashes, infections, or other issues related to personal hygiene.
  • Failure to clean and sanitize bedsheets and clothing – Nursing home staff must follow the proper protocols to ensure that bedsheets and clothing are regularly changed and washed. This will help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Patients will be at a higher risk of infections and health issues if they use soiled sheets or dirty clothing.

Hygiene issues may be accompanied by other concerns related to nursing home neglect. If a resident’s personal grooming needs are not being met, it is likely that other areas of their life have also been affected. If they are not being properly monitored by nursing home staff, they may also experience issues such as dehydration, malnutrition, or lack of medical care.

Assistance With Hygiene-Related Injuries and Illnesses at Nursing Homes

Nursing homes must maintain proper hygiene and ensure that patients’ needs are being met at all times. Neglect by staff members can lead to multiple types of dangerous health issues. If your loved one has suffered injuries due to poor sanitation protocols or other forms of nursing home negligence related to hygiene, you will want to take immediate action to address these issues. At Nursing Home Injury Center, we can help you understand how to hold a nursing home accountable for harm caused by neglect or carelessness, and we will work to ensure that all of a nursing home’s residents can live in a healthy environment. Contact us at 309-524-6900 for a free consultation.

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