5 Million

Older adults are abused annually in the United States according to the NCEA


People living in nursing homes die from falls each year

1 in 10

Nursing homes had a history of serious health and safety deficiencies

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If you have learned that a loved one who resides in a nursing home has suffered an injury or experienced other issues that have affected their health and well-being, you may be unsure about how to proceed. You will most likely want to focus on making sure your loved one's needs will be met, but you will also want to determine exactly what happened and who was responsible. This can be a very difficult issue to deal with, especially if you are concerned about your loved one's ongoing health and safety.

When patients suffer injuries due to nursing home negligence, their family members may need assistance as they get to the bottom of a situation. At Nursing Home Injury Center, we understand the complicated legal and medical issues surrounding nursing home injuries, and we work hard to ensure that nursing home residents are protected from abuse, neglect, and other issues that may affect their health and well-being. We help families obtain justice in these situations while taking steps to protect against future injuries or other safety concerns.

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If your loved one has experienced preventable injuries or illnesses as a nursing home patient, we can advise you on how to proceed. We will make sure you understand the resources available to you as you seek to hold a negligent nursing home responsible for the harm your family has suffered. To arrange a free consultation, contact us at 309-524-6900.

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Nursing Home Falls

Fall injuries are some of the most common concerns that affect nursing home residents. Many elderly people are unsteady on their feet, and they may need assistance with different types of daily activities. If staff members at a nursing home do not take the proper steps to address patients' needs, the likelihood of falls may increase. Falls may also occur due to safety issues at a nursing home, such as slippery floors or obstacles in walkways. We can help families address injuries that occur in fall accidents, including:

Nursing Home Abuse

Abuse is a serious issue that can cause physical and emotional harm to nursing home residents. In some cases, abuse may be committed by staff members, while in others, patients may be at risk of abuse by others because of lack of supervision at a nursing home. Signs that a nursing home resident has suffered abuse include unexplained bruises or injuries, changes in behavior, refusal to speak with visitors alone, withdrawal from social activities, sudden weight loss, and other unusual activity. We can help address multiple types of abuse, including:


of nursing home residents fall each year, with about half of those falls causing injuries.

source cdc.gov


of nursing home residents have been physically abused, and approximately 15% have been sexually abused.

source national center

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We work to help families ensure that a loved one receives the proper care and treatment for nursing home injuries or illnesses.

There are numerous forms of nursing home negligence that can result in serious harm to residents. Neglect often plays a role in these cases, and it may occur for a variety of reasons. In many cases, nursing homes are understaffed, and when staff members do not have enough time to fully attend to the needs of residents, multiple types of injuries can occur. Inadequate training may also be a factor, and patients may be at risk of harm if staff members do not have the necessary knowledge and experience to provide the proper care and treatment.

Nursing home patients may also suffer harm due to issues related to medical treatment. Care plans must be followed correctly by staff members, and if they fail to do so, a person may experience injuries or illnesses because of a lack of proper medical care. Medication errors can also occur, including failure to provide the right medications at the right times or administering drugs at improper doses. These issues can significantly impact a person's health and well-being, and they could even potentially lead to a patient's wrongful death.

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Frequently Asked Questions


When Can Nursing Home Residents Be Affected by Renal Failure?

Answer: Kidney disease and related health issues can be a significant concern for elderly nursing home patients. Issues such as infections, dehydration, or medication errors may result in kidney failure, putting a person's life at risk.


What Are the Most Common Causes of Infections in Nursing Homes?

Answer: Improper sanitary procedures, such as staff members' failure to wash hands or sanitize equipment, can lead to dangerous infections for nursing home residents. Infections may also occur because of breathing tube issues, airborne pathogens, or problems with catheters or IVs.


When Can Nursing Home Neglect Lead to Wandering and Elopement?

Answer: If staff members do not provide the proper supervision, nursing home residents may enter unsafe areas of a facility, or they may leave the grounds of a nursing home, which may place them at risk of fall injuries, pedestrian accidents, or other safety issues.


Are Nursing Home Patients With Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease at Higher Risk of Injury?

Answer: Residents who experience cognitive issues, memory loss, confusion, or other mental health concerns may be at risk of abuse by staff members or others. Without proper supervision and treatment, they may also suffer harm due to falls, malnutrition, dehydration, or other issues.


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