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Seeking Compensation for Nursing Home Residents with Serious Bruises and Lacerations

Nursing home residents are at risk of being seriously injured in accidents, especially when they are in a vulnerable condition due to physical health issues, limited mobility, or disabilities. Falls in nursing homes can lead to multiple types of injuries, including bruises and lacerations. In fact, nursing home falls are one of the leading causes of injury for elderly people. Nursing homes have a responsibility to ensure that residents receive the proper care and supervision, and when staff members are negligent, falls may occur, and injuries may affect a patient’s health and well-being or lead to life-threatening complications.

It is essential for families with loved ones living in nursing homes to be aware of the potential risks associated with falls. While a family may do everything possible to protect a loved one’s health and safety, accidents and injuries may occur because of nursing home negligence. In these situations, families may be uncertain about what they should do next. At Nursing Home Injury Center, our team understands the strong emotions that are involved in these cases, and we work to provide families with the services they need to protect a loved one’s health and well-being. We can help families take steps to address negligence that led to injuries and make sure these issues do not affect their loved ones or other residents in the future.

How Cuts and Bruises in Nursing Home Falls Can Affect Patients

When falls occur in nursing homes, they may result in injuries such as cuts, scrapes, and bruises. While these injuries may not seem as serious as issues such as bone fractures or head trauma, they can cause a great deal of pain, and they can lead to serious complications if the proper treatment is not provided.

Lacerations can range from minor scratches and scrapes to deep gashes that require medical attention. They can occur when a person comes in contact with an object in a fall, such as the corner of a table or counter, eating utensils, or other items that may be in a person’s room or the common areas of a nursing home. While minor cuts and scrapes may heal relatively quickly, deeper lacerations may require stitches or even surgery if underlying tissues and organs are damaged. If wounds are not cleaned, dressed, and cared for properly, they may become infected, which could lead to dangerous complications such as sepsis. In some cases, lacerations can also cause scarring that may be permanent.

Serious bruises can also occur in nursing home falls, and elderly patients who have thinner skin and less muscle tissue may be more prone to bruising. Bruises may appear as red patches on the skin or discoloration due to bleeding beneath the surface of the skin. They can be very painful, and they often take a significant amount of time to heal when patients are elderly or in infirm health. If bruises are not treated properly, or if staff members fail to monitor a patient’s condition and the progression of their healing, dangerous complications can occur. For instance, a severe bruise could lead to internal bleeding that puts pressure on bodily systems, damages internal organs, and results in life-threatening blood loss.

Get Help for Patients Who Have Suffered Serious Bruises and Cuts in Nursing Home Falls

In situations where nursing home residents have been injured in fall accidents, their families will want to ensure that they receive the proper care. At Nursing Home Injury Center, we work to help families respond to these matters so that they can protect their loved ones’ health and safety. We can also take action to address nursing home negligence that led to fall accidents or caused patients to suffer further harm after being injured. We will work to determine why injuries occurred and what can be done to hold a negligent facility responsible for the injuries suffered by a resident. To learn more about how we can help with these types of cases, contact us at 309-524-6900 and arrange a free consultation.

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