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Nursing home residents are some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society. Elderly people who can no longer fully care for themselves or people with disabilities who need assistance with daily activities may reside in nursing homes, where they can receive medical treatment, assistance with daily needs, supervision, and medical treatment from staff members. Unfortunately, there are many situations where nursing home patients may suffer serious injuries due to abuse, neglect, or other forms of negligence. These injuries may have long-term effects, or they may even be fatal.

Following a serious injury, the family of a nursing home resident may be uncertain about how to proceed. While ensuring that their loved one can receive the proper treatment for their injuries and ongoing care to provide for their safety and well-being, a family will likely be looking to determine who was responsible. This is not always easy, but the professionals at Nursing Home Injury Center are here to help. We can help identify the causes of an injury, and we can work with a family to make sure these issues are addressed properly. In addition to making sure loved ones receive the care and support they need, we can help take steps to prevent injuries from happening in the future.

Common Injuries That Affect Nursing Home Residents

People in nursing homes may be injured in a variety of situations. They may experience accidents such as falls, or they may suffer harm due to a lack of proper medical care or inadequate supervision. Nursing home injuries can involve both physical trauma and psychological distress, and should not be taken lightly. Elderly residents or people with disabilities may have a variety of health issues, and a person’s condition can become much worse when they suffer injuries. In many cases, the complications resulting from injuries can drastically affect a person’s health and well-being, and some injuries may be severe enough that a person may never fully recover.

Common nursing home injuries include:

  • Bedsores – These injuries, which are also known as pressure ulcers, can be caused by the failure of nursing home staff members to provide proper oversight and preventative care to residents. If a patient is not repositioned regularly while lying in bed or sitting in a chair, they can experience painful sores on different parts of their body, as well as serious complications that may affect their overall health.
  • Sepsis/infections – In nursing homes, infections and sepsis can be especially dangerous for residents due to their weakened immune systems. Residents can be prone to infections that may be easily contracted in the nursing home setting, such as pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses. If these infections are not treated quickly and properly, they can lead to serious health complications or even death.
  • Burns – Hot baths or liquids, open flames, and other sources of heat can lead to painful or even life-threatening burn injuries for nursing home residents. Depending on the severity of the burn, a nursing home resident may need to receive hospitalization and medical care in order to reduce the risk of infection or other serious complications.
  • Breathing tube injuries – Nursing home residents who are unable to breathe on their own due to a disability or other medical condition may need assistance with breathing through the use of a tracheostomy tube. If nursing home staff members fail to properly monitor and care for nursing home residents with these tubes, complications such as blockages or infections can lead to serious injuries.
  • Seizures – Residents who suffer from epilepsy or other conditions that may lead to seizures may need specialized nursing care to ensure their safety. If nursing home staff members fail to properly monitor a resident’s condition or provide adequate supervision, the resident can experience serious injury due to a seizure.
  • Bedrail injuries – Bedrails are commonly used in nursing homes to help residents with mobility issues or those who require assistance getting into and out of bed. If nursing home staff members fail to properly install or inspect bedrails, nursing home residents can experience falls, entrapment, and other serious injuries.

Get Assistance With Nursing Home Injuries

It is important for nursing homes and staff members who are responsible for caring for residents to take appropriate measures to protect patients’ safety and well-being at all times. When a nursing home is negligent in providing the proper care for residents, serious injuries can occur. In these situations, family members will need to determine how to respond. The team at Nursing Home Injury Center can provide assistance with these matters, helping families understand their options for holding a negligent nursing home responsible for negligence that led to injuries. We can also take preventative steps to help reduce the risk of nursing home injuries in the future. To learn how we can assist with these matters, contact us at 309-524-6900 to arrange a free consultation.

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