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Advocating for Victims of Nursing Home Sexual Assault

As nursing home residents become more vulnerable due to their age and health, they are increasingly at risk of experiencing different forms of nursing home abuse, including sexual abuse. Unfortunately, nursing home staff or other parties may take advantage of this vulnerability and commit acts of sexual assault or abuse against patients. If a nursing home is negligent in its duty to protect its residents from harm, or if a facility fails to respond appropriately when an act of abuse does occur, the nursing home can be held responsible for the damages suffered by the victim.

Few things are more devastating for a family than finding out that a loved one has suffered sexual abuse while living in a nursing home. Those who have placed a person in the care of a facility that was supposed to provide for their needs and protect their safety and well-being may feel betrayed by this violation of trust. At Nursing Home Injury Center, we work with families who have been affected by these issues, helping them understand who was responsible and ensuring that their loved ones can receive the care they need as they recover from the harm done to them.

How Nursing Home Residents May Be Affected by Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse in nursing homes can take many forms, including unwanted touching, sexualized comments or jokes, sexual humiliation (such as forcing a patient to disrobe in front of others), and non-consensual sexual intercourse. Some nursing home residents are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse due to their ages and health conditions. Residents who are physically weak may be unable to defend themselves against sexual predators. Patients who suffer from dementia may be targeted for abuse because they are less likely to be able to report these issues to staff members or family members.

A nursing home and its staff members must remain vigilant in order to protect vulnerable residents from harm. Proper background checks should be performed for all staff members to uncover any issues that could indicate that they may commit abuse against residents, such as previous criminal convictions. Patients should be provided with the proper supervision at all times to ensure that they do not experience abuse at the hands of other residents or anyone else who enters a nursing home.

Recognizing the Signs of Sexual Abuse

It is not always easy to determine whether a nursing home resident has been the victim of sexual abuse. In some cases, a person may be fearful about reporting these issues to others because they believe that their abuser will retaliate against them and cause further harm. In others, patients may have conditions that affect their ability to communicate with others and report abuse.

Family members may want to look for signs that may indicate that sexual abuse is occurring, which may include:

  • Unexplained bruises, cuts, or marks on the nursing home resident
  • Injuries to the genitals or pelvic area
  • Torn or bloody clothing or other signs that sexual activity may have taken place
  • Unusual changes in behavior, such as depression, agitation, fearfulness, or withdrawal from social activities
  • Fear of being left alone with certain nursing home staff members
  • Unexplained sexually transmitted diseases
  • Engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior

Help for Victims of Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Learning that a loved one has suffered sexual abuse at a nursing home can be horrific, and family members may feel guilt that they allowed a person to be placed in a dangerous situation, as well as anger toward those who allowed abuse to happen. Determining how to respond in these situations is not always easy, but families can take steps to uncover the facts of a case, find out whether nursing home negligence was to blame, and make sure the proper measures are put in place to prevent abuse from occurring in the future. At Nursing Home Injury Center, we can provide guidance in these difficult situations, ensuring that a family can achieve justice for a loved one who has suffered harm. To learn how we can address concerns related to nursing home sexual abuse, contact us at 309-524-6900 and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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