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Fighting Back Against Nursing Home Understaffing

When nursing homes are understaffed, this can lead to serious problems for the elderly and vulnerable individuals in their care. In nursing homes that lack adequate staffing levels, patients are at an increased risk of neglect and abuse, and they may suffer serious injuries or even wrongful death. Families who learn that a loved one has suffered harm because a nursing home did not have enough staff members to provide for their needs or protect their safety will often be left wondering how this could have happened and how they should respond.

At Nursing Home Injury Center, we understand the anger, hurt, betrayal, guilt, and other emotions that family members may experience when they learn that a loved one has been injured because of nursing home negligence. We provide compassionate support and assistance with these matters, helping families determine what they should do to protect their loved one’s health and safety and ensure that they will receive the proper care going forward. By taking action to make sure a negligent facility is held responsible for failing to meet residents’ needs, we can help families address their own needs and ensure that others are also protected against harm.

How Understaffing Can Lead to Injuries for Nursing Home Residents

Many nursing homes are for-profit businesses, which means they are focused on reducing costs as much as possible in order to improve their bottom lines. This means that they often keep the minimal number of staff members on hand, and they pay staff members as little as possible. Because of the difficult nature of the work that nursing home staff must often perform and the low wages that are available, there is an ongoing shortage of qualified people who can serve in these roles. These issues often lead to nursing homes being understaffed.

When there are not enough staff members available to attend to the needs of nursing home patients, injuries can occur due to issues such as:

  • Neglect – With so many patients to care for, staff members may be unable to fully attend to each person’s needs. They may fail to monitor the conditions of residents and provide assistance when needed. This can lead to issues such as dehydration or malnutrition when patients do not get enough food and water, or injuries such as bedsores when patients are left in one position without being moved regularly.
  • Lack of medical care – Without nursing home staff members available to monitor patients’ medical conditions, respond to their symptoms, and follow care plans, residents may not receive the medical treatment they need. This can mean that illnesses or injuries may go unnoticed and untreated, leading to more serious health problems.
  • Medication errors – When nursing home staff members are too busy with other tasks or lack the proper training to distribute medications correctly, patients can suffer serious harm. Understaffing can result in residents not receiving medications at the right times or being given incorrect doses, which can lead to serious medical complications.
  • Lack of supervision – If staff members are unable to properly monitor patients and provide assistance when needed due to staff shortages, serious injuries may occur. Patients with mobility issues may attempt to move about on their own, which can lead to falls or other types of injuries. Inadequate supervision may also lead to wandering and elopement, and residents may suffer harm if they enter dangerous areas of a nursing home or leave the facility without assistance.
  • Abuse – Without sufficient staff to regularly monitor all areas of a nursing home, patients are more likely to experience harm at the hands of others. In some cases, staff members may commit sexual abuse or other forms of abuse because they know that no one else is watching, or people may experience abuse by other residents due to lack of supervision.

Responding to Injuries at Understaffed Nursing Homes

When nursing homes are understaffed, residents will be at risk of suffering serious injuries due to neglect or other forms of negligence. If your loved one has suffered harm while residing at a nursing home that was not properly staffed, you will want to determine the options available to you. At Nursing Home Injury Center, we understand how difficult and emotional these matters can be, and we are dedicated to providing support for families in these situations. We can help you address safety issues that have affected your loved one, and we can work with you to hold a negligent nursing home responsible for injuries that have occurred. Contact us today at 309-524-6900 to discuss your concerns in a free consultation.

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