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There are numerous situations where nursing home residents may have wounds that require care and treatment. Because these patients may have other health issues, receiving the proper care is essential. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is an issue that affects people in many facilities. If staff members do not address the needs of patients, wounds may not heal properly, or patients may experience other issues that could affect their overall health.

Nursing home negligence is a real problem that affects many vulnerable elderly people who are unable to fully care for themselves or protect against issues that could cause them to suffer harm. When nursing home staff members do not follow the proper protocols for wound care and hygiene, residents may be at risk of suffering further injuries. At Nursing Home Injury Center, we work with families who have been affected by nursing home negligence, helping them determine how to address concerns about improper care and ensure that their loved ones receive the treatment they need. We can help families understand what to do in these situations, and we work to ensure that nursing home residents will always be provided with the level of care that they deserve.

Nursing Home Injuries Caused by Improper Treatment of Wounds

Elderly or disabled nursing home residents may experience multiple types of wounds. In some cases, these may involve cuts, scrapes, or bruises that occur in patients’ daily lives, or more serious injuries may occur in situations such as nursing home falls. Serious burn injuries can also affect residents, or bedsores may occur in situations where a patient is confined to a bed or chair and is unable to move regularly.

Wounds should be cleaned, dressed, and bandaged properly to encourage healing. They should also be monitored regularly to check on the progress of healing, determine whether additional treatments should be provided, and identify any other issues that could affect a patient’s health. If wounds are not cared for correctly, dangerous infections may occur. In some cases, wounds may become infected due to hygiene issues, such as a failure to ensure that patients are properly groomed and bathed. Infections may also occur because of sanitary issues at a nursing home, such as a failure by staff members to clean surfaces or follow other protocols meant to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Improper treatment of wounds may affect the health of patients in other ways. For example, swelling of the tissue surrounding a wound may affect blood flow throughout the person’s body, potentially leading to low blood pressure or other conditions that could cause damage to the heart, lungs, brain, or other organs. In some cases, wounds may also result in dangerous blood clots that could lead to conditions such as strokes or heart attacks. To prevent potential concerns, patients should be provided with medical treatment that is based on a person’s medical history, the health concerns that affect them, and the appropriate measures that may protect them from harm while preserving their well-being.

There are a number of reasons that patients may not receive appropriate wound care. Understaffing at nursing homes can be a significant issue, and overworked staff members may not have sufficient time to fully treat patients’ wounds and monitor them for symptoms of infections or other complications. Inadequate training can also play a role in these situations, since staff members who are not fully trained may not have the knowledge and experience needed to properly treat wounds or recognize potential health issues.

Get Help With Nursing Home Injuries Related to Improper Wound Care

It is essential for nursing home staff members to provide appropriate wound care for patients while following hygiene procedures to minimize the risk of infections. If your loved one has been harmed by nursing home negligence, contact Nursing Home Injury Center today at 309-524-6900 and schedule a free consultation. We can help you understand your options and determine why your loved one’s injury occurred, and we will work to ensure that a nursing home’s residents will be protected against these types of issues in the future.

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