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Nursing home negligence is a serious problem that affects many families in Marshall County, Illinois and other parts of the United States. When elderly residents are neglected or suffer injuries due to the carelessness of nursing home staff, this can have devastating consequences for both the victim and their family. In especially serious cases, negligence or neglect may even result in wrongful death. If your family member has suffered injuries that you believe were the result of nursing home negligence, it is important to know what options are available so you can pursue justice on their behalf and protect other vulnerable people from suffering harm.

The team at Nursing Home Injury Center understands the emotional nature of cases involving nursing home abuse and neglect, and we are here to provide families with the guidance needed to protect the interests of nursing home patients. We can help determine what happened and who was responsible, and we can take steps to address ongoing safety issues, health concerns, or other factors that may affect the health and safety of nursing home residents. We work to ensure that families will have the resources they need to provide the proper care for elderly or disabled loved ones while also preventing these issues from affecting other nursing home residents in the future.

Negligence That May Lead to Nursing Home Injuries in Bureau County

When a person resides in a nursing home or assisted living facility, their family members expect a certain level of care to be provided. Staff members should monitor a person’s condition and provide assistance when required, while also taking steps to address medical concerns and meet their ongoing needs. Unfortunately, this level of care may not be provided, and a nursing home resident may suffer serious injuries.

Nursing home negligence can take many forms, including:

  • Inadequate staffing levels – One of the most common issues that can lead to nursing home neglect is understaffing. If a facility does not have enough staff working at any given time, staff members may be unable to fully meet the needs of residents. This can lead to a wide range of preventable injuries and illnesses, including falls, burn injuries, or bedsores.
  • Lack of supervision – Staff members must monitor residents at all times, and they may need to be ready to provide assistance for those who are unable to fully care for themselves. If there is inadequate supervision, residents may wander away from the facility, or they may experience fall injuries, choking, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or other forms of harm without anyone noticing.
  • Improper medication administration – Medication errors can occur when staff members do not have the proper training or because of poor record-keeping or a lack of organization. Residents may be given the wrong medications, incorrect dosages, or medications that have harmful interactions with other drugs, dangerous side effects, or allergic reactions.
  • Inadequate nutrition or hydration – Nursing home residents must receive the proper nutrition in order to remain healthy and avoid medical complications. If staff members are not providing proper meals or snacks, this can lead to malnutrition, which can drastically affect a person’s health. Patients will also need to receive sufficient water and fluids, and if these needs are not met, they may experience dehydration.
  • Failure to provide medical care – Proper medical treatment is crucial for elderly nursing home residents, and staff members must be ready to address any medical concerns that may arise. If a staff member fails to recognize the need for medical care or delays in providing necessary treatment, this can cause a patient to suffer serious harm.

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No one should have to suffer from nursing home neglect or abuse. If a family member who resides in a nursing home was harmed because of the negligence of a facility or its staff, it is important that you take action as soon as possible. Our team at Nursing Home Injury Center will provide you with compassionate support and guidance, and we will work to ensure that a nursing home will be held responsible for allowing your loved one to suffer harm. We are here to help protect the interests of vulnerable patients who may not be able to advocate for themselves. Contact us today at 309-524-6900 to arrange a free consultation and get more information about how we can help you address nursing home injuries in Marshall County.

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