Characteristics of Financial Abuse in Nursing Homes

Characteristics of Financial Abuse in Nursing Homes

When placing a loved one in a nursing home, there is more at stake than simply his or her physical health and emotional well-being; it also includes safeguarding his or her financial security. Sadly, elder financial abuse is a growing concern, with vulnerable elderly residents often becoming the targets of financial exploitation. If you suspect your loved one is suffering from this form of abuse, contact an attorney. By obtaining legal assistance, you can take steps toward protecting the financial integrity and security of your loved one.

Look Out for Unexpected Bank Transactions

One of the most evident signs of financial abuse is unexplained transactions or withdrawals from the resident’s bank accounts. These can range from small accounts disappearing on a regular basis to large, sudden withdrawals. Additionally, frequent ATM usage can also indicate that someone who is not authorized might be accessing the resident’s funds.

Changes in Financial Documents May Be a Sign of Financial Abuse

Another red flag families should look out for is abrupt or seemingly random updates to financial documents. These can be wide-ranging, including altered wills, trusts, property titles, and power of attorney designations. Be particularly suspicious if these changes happen after the resident has been placed in his or her nursing home, as this could suggest he or she has been influenced or coerced by staff or other individuals. Make sure any changes are communicated and verified.

Pay Attention to Unpaid Bills or Basic Needs Not Being Met

Despite a resident presumably having the financial resources to cover his or her care, overdue bills, utilities being shut off, or basic needs not being met, could be a sign of financial exploitation. Nursing home staff might be siphoning funds meant for the resident’s care, leading to neglect and unmet needs.

Keep Note of Personal Items That Disappear

While small items going missing can sometimes be chalked up to carelessness, repeated or significant disappearances of personal belongings – like jewelry, electronics, or cash – should warrant concern. The loss of valuable or sentimental items can be especially distressing and can indicate a deeper financial exploitation issue at play.

Isolation from Friends and Loved Ones is a Common Abuser Tactic

Frequently employed by abusers is the isolation of the victim from friends and family. Limiting contact ensures that the elderly resident cannot report financial abuse or seek help. For example, sudden changes in visitation policies, restricted phone access, or discouragement from social interactions may indicate the resident is being isolated to prevent them from speaking out against the financial abuse taking place.

Contact a Peoria County, IL Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Financial abuse in nursing homes is a very serious issue that cannot be ignored. If your loved one is experiencing financial abuse, contact the respected Peoria, IL nursing home abuse lawyers with Nursing Home Injury Center. Call 309-524-6900 for a free consultation. 

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